Mumiy Troll. «After Evil» NFT Collection

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Mumiy Troll. «After Evil» NFT Collection

About collection

Mumiy Troll. «After Evil» NFT Collection

Collection of NFT-tokens from Mumiy Troll band was made on the ground of their new album “After Evil”. It was released on December 4, 2020, and consists of 8 tracks. During the series of the band’s first post-pandemic concerts (20.06.2021 – 8.03.2022), the total of 12 NFT-tokens (8 platinum and 4 legendary) will be released and put at auction. Each of them is the one and the only in its class, unique in its audio-visual and semantic content. Each of the eight platinum tokens will be dedicated to one of the 8 songs from album “After Evil”.. Each of the four legendary tokens will be dedicated to one of Mumiy Troll’s favorite cities, which are symbolic for the band, and to their four hit songs. Also, they will contain a 3D-skin of the band’s vocalist, which can be subsequently used in meta-universes.

  • The legend of 8 keepers

    The first legendary token will be lost. The password for the wallet where it is to be stored will be burnt right at the show, and it will be possible to restore it only with a secret Seed Phrase, which will be distributed among the keepers of platinum tokens.

  • Hand-painted pictures

    For each platinum token, a picture was painted, which is inspired by the song to which the token is dedicated. Then, the picture was digitalized and provided the basis for the token’s visual content.

  • The only copy

    Each token is made in a single copy. We will not increase their number – only 12 tokens, 12 keepers, one legend.

  • A moment captured in digital form

    Each token will be released right at the show in the last seconds of the song to which it is dedicated. Thus, it will be a unique commemorative digital card created as a still frame, as a moment of history captured in digital form.


The collection of 12 tokens is the work of the best professionals from different areas, both technical and creative: hand artists, sound designers, and 3D-artists.

8 platinum tokes = 8 songs of album “After Evil”. Each of the paintings created by an artist for the songs was turned into a digital image and provided the start of the video sequence of each of the platinum tokens. Each token contains one song from the album, a digitalized hand-painted picture, a landmark of the city that hosted the show, and the concert date. Only one token will be released at each concert, right at the end of the song to which it is dedicated. One of the features of tokens is the part of the Seed Phrase (a cryptowallet’s secret phrase required for recovering access to it) hidden in the restricted part of each token accessible only by its owner. By bringing together the whole Seed Phrase, one can access the wallet, in which the lost 1st Legendary NFT will be stored.

  • Secret word from Seed Phrase MetaMask

    Each platinum token contains a secret word required for recovering access to the lost wallet with 1st Legendary NFT-token.

First release 04.07.21

Out of all legendary tokens, it is the one to be released first – together with the last of the platinum tokens. It will have a special story behind it, which will be revealed at the moment of its release. The token will be put at auction. It will be stored in MetaMask cryptowallet, the password from which will be burnt in public right at the moment of issue. It will be possible to recover access with 12 key words (MetaMask seed phrase), which will be hidden inside the eight platinum tokens.

  • #1/1. ВЛАДИВОСТОК - 2000

    #1/1. ВЛАДИВОСТОК - 2000
    Mumiy Troll: After Evil(Single copy)18 september,Vladivostok

Three legendary tokens will be officially presented on March 8, 2022, at the show in Moscow. Legendary tokens will be dedicated to the band’s favorite cities and will contain not only an original video styled after the city, but also 3D-skins of the vocalist, virtual suits, and looks of Mumiy Troll’s front man. Each of these items will have inimitable visual part and the ability to be used in avatars or meta-universes. Participants of the auction will not be able to see the content of the Legendary Token – it will be hidden in a pack, and only the owner will be allowed to open and present its content to the world.

  • Animated pack

    Participants of the auction can only guess what is the content of the Legendary Tokens by viewing the animated packs on which the vocalist’s 3D-skins will be placed.

  • Meta-universes

    The owners of legendary tokens will have access to the full 3D-model of the vocalist, which they will be able to use for creating animations for avatars and for other purposes, as well as in meta-universes.

  • #1/3. РАНЕТКИ - 1997

    #1/3. РАНЕТКИ - 1997
    Mumiy Troll: After Evil(Single copy)8 march,London
  • #2/3. УТЕКАЙ - 1997

    #2/3. УТЕКАЙ - 1997
    Mumiy Troll: After Evil(Single copy)8 march,Los Angeles
  • #3/3. НЕВЕСТА? - 2000

    #3/3. НЕВЕСТА? - 2000
    Mumiy Troll: After Evil(Single copy)8 march,Tokyo